Our Style

Our Approach

Your wedding day is unique– and so is our approach! Our goal is to capture all the feelings and emotions of your day as it happens. We have found the best video moments are when you are  even not aware of the camera. It’s non-iintrusivevideo and we like it that way too!

Our Visual Style

What separates us from other videographers is our unique visual approach.  We use many techniques to create a lovely scene straight our of your favorite romantic movie. What you’ll see is a beautiful gliding motion that creates a timeless video. It’s breathtaking! You’ll love your finished video and DVD!

Your Finished Video

Your finished video is comprised of two parts:

  1. Your Recap
    The RECAP section will highlight your peak wedding day moments. What’s even better is you’ll be able to choose your favorite songs to put under the video! Think of this section as a incredible movie trailer showing your day!
  2. Your Live Recorded Footage
    The LIVE RECORDED FOOTAGE is the footage of your actual wedding ceremony and live reception. Many years down the road, you’ll be to remember all the speeches and toasts, and re-live all the fun dancing! DVD- Blu-Ray- iPad – iPhone movie